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Employee Behavioral Issues


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Proprietary AssessX identification protocols accurately and efficiently identify and assess employees who will benefit from guidance and counseling.

AssessX is easily configured to meet the requirements of any organization or enterprise, actively monitoring the behavioral risks across entire employee populations. To learn more click below:

School Violence Risk Mitigation

School Student Violence Mass Shooting

Know Now / Be Safer

 Violence is the Perfect Storm of multiple severe problems and poor coping skills coming together at the same time in the same person.

AssessX can identify those at risk before a terrible event takes place and provide individualized  treatment pathways. To learn more click below:

First Responder Stress & Suicide

First Responder Police Firefighter EMS Suicide Trauma Stress

Know Now / Save Lives 

AssessX provides the tools needed to address the devastatingly high incidence of suicide among our Police, Firefighters, and EMS communities.

Proven digital technology combined with proprietary assessment and risk identification content ensures actionable results. To learn more click below:

unique benefits

Continuous Population Monitoring

Only AssessX technology provides continuous population wide screening and monitoring of entire populations.


Specialized Risk Management

The AssessX architecture enables digital administration of proprietary, scientifically validated risk prediction instruments across multiple locations and organizational sub-groups. 

Ultra-High Efficiency

 The AssessX platform is cloud-based and scalable to efficiently meet the assessment demands of the largest organizations. It is easily configured to produce the most effective insights into your specified populations. 

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